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Sell More This Holiday with Staff Competitions

Posted by Jon Decker on Nov 9, 2018 4:26:04 PM

The holiday season is high pressure and high stress for retailers. It is called Black Friday for a reason: it’s your time to make money. If you are running a mall kiosk operation or any retail location this holiday season, now is the time to plan some fun holiday competitions that will get your employees pumped up for the best sales season ever!

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Stand Out with Engaging Holiday Specials

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Oct 11, 2018 6:14:11 PM

Deals are everywhere, especially during the holiday season. Every business is doing whatever they can to attract as many shoppers as possible. Part of preparing for the influx of people that will be visiting the mall in the next few months is deciding what sales or offers you'll be offering and how you're going to let potential customers know about them.

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Scheduling Your Staff for the Holidays

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Sep 14, 2018 5:54:14 PM

The holidays are so close you can taste the pumpkin spice and peppermint. For most, this time of year means gifts and celebration. In the retail space, though, it can be a nightmare season if you haven't properly prepared. Getting your business ready before the wave of holiday shoppers descend on you is just as important as how well your store actually performs.

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Using Popular Events to Attract Repeat Business

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Jul 3, 2018 2:32:25 PM

Customer retention is something that every business owner strives to improve. From sales to special deals, finding a way to catch a customer's attention and bring them back to your store is one of the most important and ever-changing things a business needs to consider. Constantly changing up your retention methods is the best way to keep customers feeling like they're experiencing something new and exciting. After all, no one feels excited about 10% off select products the fourth time around.

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How to Attract New Customers with User-Generated Reviews

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Mar 9, 2018 2:45:36 PM

Take a minute and think back. When was the last time you looked up customer reviews for a store or restaurant you were thinking about visiting? Whether you checked Google, Facebook, or Yelp, what the user-submitted reviews had to say probably influenced your decision on whether to go there or not. In fact, about 72% of consumers rely on positive user-submitted reviews before making any purchasing decisions.

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