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How To Decide Between a Standalone POS vs. Retail Management System

Posted by Nova Point of Sale on Jun 20, 2017 4:29:47 PM

These days most retail stores and regional chains use a either a POS or Retail Management System (RMS). These give you the in-depth information and control you need to get everything from a big picture of how your business is doing right down to specific transactions and supply details.

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5 Ideas That Will Make Your Retail Mall Kiosk Business Stand Out

Posted by Nova Point of Sale on Jun 5, 2017 3:14:30 PM

You automatically have a number of advantages with a mall kiosk retail location. You're right in the middle of foot traffic. Nobody has to enter a store. They walk right past you and hopefully stop to browse and buy.

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Combining POS with SMS Marketing

Posted by Taylor Burke on May 23, 2017 4:50:14 PM

If you’re still on the fence about mobile marketing, look around. Whether you’re reading this article at work, on the bus, in a coffee shop, or on an airplane, you’ll probably see all the heads around you bent toward a phone. Even if you’re alone, there’s a chance it’s YOU reading this on mobile.

Mobile marketing isn’t a novel idea, and it can mean a lot of things — optimizing web pages and emails for mobile or building branded apps, for example — but one of the biggest opportunities in mobile right now is SMS (text message) marketing.

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Some Types of Customers Are Worth More Than You Think. Retail POS Can Show You Why

Posted by Nova Point of Sale on May 11, 2017 4:26:30 PM

Every business has beliefs about which customers are going to buy more. Many focus on upper income people with lots of disposable income. Businesses feel those customers will have no problem paying for better products and services that have a greater profit margin.

Your business probably has favorite types of customers, be they single women in their 20s, families with adults in their 30s, or well healed middle-aged folks who now have lots of income to spend.

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How To Make Your Retail Cosmetics Store More Profitable: 5 Tips

Posted by Nova Point of Sale on Apr 19, 2017 5:08:04 PM

Your retail cosmetics store is getting along just fine. But you could always use more sales, bigger profits, and an easier operation to run - right?

Retail always takes a lot of work and many hours of dedication. There are times when you have to work holidays, or stay long after hours, or spend your weekends solving problems.

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