5 Tips For Managing Your Retail Business From Long Distance

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Mar 30, 2017 8:28:27 AM

5 Tips For Managing Your Retail Business From Long Distance
You can’t physically be at your shop 24/7. There are times when you will be away. You may even have things worked out where you spend the majority of your time running your operation from another office, from home, or even on the road.

Here are some proven techniques and strategies for successfully running your business at a distance.

1. Set clear expectations for what employees will do, how they will do it, and deadlines for completion.

The most common complaint employees voice is they aren’t sure what the boss expects. By stating tasks and expectations clearly, you train employees to get the job done even when you aren’t around.

Some companies go so far as to create an operations handbook. Jot down notes about all the critical aspects of your business employees need to keep a handle on. Have several copies available where employees can reference them.

This will cut down on the number of calls you get from the shop and ensure more work gets done right and on time.

2. Use Point of Sale software that helps you track employee involvement.

If multiple individuals ring up sales, the software can indicate just how much time each employee spends on the task. If one person is registering all the sales, you know the others are not doing as much work.

Employees perform better when you are able to inspect their work. POS gives you a window into what is going on in your shop when you are away. It also encourages employees to work hard knowing the software is monitoring their performance.

3. Software can give you a real time view of your business.

Again, this can be a part of a modern POS system. When you are at home or away tending one of your other businesses, you can check in with the online dashboard. This shows you how many sales your shop is making and much more information.

4. One of the things the owner knows how to do is upsell customers.

Most often you are the person with the ability to turn a small sale into a much bigger one. Unfortunately, when you aren’t in the shop those big sales become less frequent.

POS software has functions that train employees to upsell. Even when you are at a distance, a significant increase in larger sales will be underway.

5. Probably the most important reason for the owner to be at the shop is employee morale.

It’s a known fact that constantly absentee owners have shops with lower motivation and satisfaction.

Your POS system is designed to encourage and reward employees for hard work and positive results. Even when you are running things from a distance, your POS software will be making sure jobs are getting done right and on time.

By using smart technology, you can spend more time away from your shop. This gives you more freedom to be with family or spending time doing your favorite things.

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