5 Tips To Increase Sales During Back To School Season

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Aug 11, 2016 8:10:18 AM

5-Tips-to-increase-sales-during-back-to-school-season.jpgWith the school season just around the corner, you might be wondering how to get ahead of the curve and bring in more sales for the back to school season.

By following some of these key tips, you can put yourself ahead of the other retailers who are competing for the business. Also, if you are a small-business owner, these tips can push you to the forefront of people’s minds down the road for any season.

1. Create a Special. Yes, that’s right. Just like any major retailer, you want to have a Back to School Special sale. By keeping prices competitive and accessible to people of all economic areas, you put yourself ahead of the big chain retail companies. You may also want to consider putting items included in this special sale together in one section of your store so people know exactly where to go for the best deals once they are in the door.

2. Know your target market. Sure, you can just toss a bunch of average things on the shelves, but you might be missing the target market. Check into what the local schools are requiring, such as uniforms, certain supplies even textbooks. Most schools are happy to offer a shopping list that you can go by to make sure that you have what you need ready for those early bird shoppers and those who wait until the last minute.

3. Give them the basics. Just because they can get it at Staples doesn’t mean that you should forgo it on your shelves. Your clientele might be coming in for a fancy book bag and while they are there, they might forgo the trip to Staples for pencils and notebooks if you have them readily available. Make a list of the most used basic items that need at school and keep a good stash on hand.

4. Give back to the school system. One thing that parents and schools love to see is a company helping students. Offer a promotion such as a certain percentage of school related sales will be donated to a school activity such as a sports team, or even buy one donate one, where the parent buys one of something and you donate another to a needy child in the school system. Nothing boosts sales like charity.

5. Be creative and think outside the box. Nothing sells like creativity. From signage that draws people in to promotions that no one else is doing, drawing in your crowd will keep you going and make people come back for more. Just remember who your target is, and make sure to hit the mark! Scope out the local competition to see how you can improve your sales as well.

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