Black Friday Retail Prep: What You Need to Consider Before It’s Too Late

Posted by Yaron Bahar on Sep 13, 2017 3:32:00 PM

Marking the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year, Black Friday is a day that most shoppers look forward to, especially when it comes to big-ticket purchases. Planning for this huge influx of traffic can be daunting, especially when it’s stacked on top of the daily task of operating your business. Starting to think about your Black Friday decisions now, though, could save you a lot of last-minute stress. Not to mention being prepared early means you can promote sales and deals confidently which will in turn boost your revenue.

Here are a few things to start considering now to make sure your business is well prepared for Black Friday.

Decide on Deals Now

The first thing any retail business needs to figure out is what deals, if any, they’ll be offering during the holiday season. All other holiday season decisions, from how you should promote your business to if you’ll need extra employees, should be based around what offers your store will have.

Deals can include anything from percent off offers to special door prizes to discounted prices on inventory you’re looking to get rid of ASAP. If you want to have some kind of holiday deal, but aren’t sure what the deal should be, look at what products are popular among your customers, as well as what sales have performed well in the past. Create custom sales reports for the past few months and look for any interesting spikes or trends that might help you determine what kind of deal your customers would respond to the most.

Ready Your Business

From preparing store signage to training employees to adjusting your website, you’ll need to get your business ready to announce your upcoming Black Friday and holiday deals to the world. Ideally, you’ll want to start promoting your offers at least two weeks before Black Friday, so make sure your employees are informed and your promotional materials are ready by then. Employees should understand all the details of your upcoming deals, as well as be refreshed on what payment methods your company accepts, if you offer customers layaway, and the benefits of any rewards programs you might have.

You should also update your website with details on your offers, as well as any updated holiday business hours you may have. Go a step further by updating your holiday hours on Google and posting an update on Facebook as well. After all, there’s nothing worse as a potential customer than seeing an amazing deal and heading out to shop, only to find out that the store is closed.

Spread the Word

Starting early to mid November, you should be promoting your deals. Create plenty of different images to share across your various social media accounts and spread them out. Posting a reminder about your sale two or three times a week with different images each time can really boost interest and hype around your deals.

You can also use marketing tools like email and text messages to remind customers who’ve already purchased something from your business that you’ll have special holiday deals and offers. Simply make a quick reminder message with all the basic details, as well as dates the offer is available, and send it out. For email, don’t forget to add some of the visuals you made for social media promotions to your message. Grabbing the customer’s eye is just as important in email as it is when displaying a product.

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