How a Kiosk Offers Better Service Than Box Stores

Posted by Lydia Pine on Jan 18, 2020 3:30:18 PM

When supplying a mall kiosk cart, focusing on a few products with many options is the best practice. This way you allow your customers to find exactly what they are looking for saving them time and money. Big box stores have long dominated the merchandise world. But over the past few years, mall kiosks have started offering unique retail experiences all their own.

One-on-one experience

Because of the nature of the mall kiosk, it allows for more personal transactions. Unlike big box stores, a customer does not enter, and wander around unnoticed and leave. With a mall kiosk, sales reps will see you as you approach and be able to thoroughly engage with you. With this special one-on-one time, sales reps are able to talk with you, understand your needs and provide the best available product. Mobile Outfitters states, “ Because of this trend (Customers have turned away from the anonymity of large stores and appreciated the more personalized experiences and better service that they get by shopping online or at a specialty store.), the retail kiosk industry has grown from just a novelty to an expansive $12 billion industry.”

More convenient

There are drawbacks to shopping in a brick-and-mortar retail store. Too many choices and distractions can overwhelm a customer and cause them to leave empty-handed. With mall kiosks, customers do not have to go into a big store and search for the product they want, saving customers time. Also, kiosks usually offer just a few specialty items, allowing the salesperson to be more knowledgeable about the products, and with a powerful POS system designed for their unique sales experience, kiosks and small retailers can further enhance the customer experience by offering quick and smooth transactions.

According to ABC15 at least 10 large chain stores are closing in 2019. Stores such as Gymboree, Charlotte Russe, and Payless Shoes have filed bankruptcy and are all closing. Due to the decrease in profits from in-store purchases, it is clear that customers want a more convenient way of shopping. Customers know their time is valuable and roaming around a big store in search of purchases is becoming an obsolete way of shopping.

Competitive Prices

By running a kiosk you are able to reduce your expenses. Factors such as minimal staffing, inventory, and overhead, allow your business to save money and offer more competitive prices. The ability to save your customer a little money will help to build repeat customers and customer referrals, a win-win for both.

The future of retail sales is trending in the direction of kiosk stores and online purchases. The allure of the big box store is increasingly waning. By providing a convenient shopping experience kiosk carts are well positioned to continue making great sales to potential customers.

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