Sell More This Holiday with Staff Competitions

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Nov 9, 2018 4:26:07 AM

The holiday season is high pressure and high stress for retailers. It is called Black Friday for a reason: it’s your time to make money. If you are running a mall kiosk operation or any retail location this holiday season, now is the time to plan some fun holiday competitions that will get your employees pumped up for the best sales season ever!

Make it public

Make sure each person on your staff knows what commission they are making and how they stack up against the rest of the team.  If you are paying the same commission rate, this is a great way to motivate your staff to be the best. Every good sales person wants to be at the top of the list.

Team based competitions

Have different retail or kiosk locations? Great! Have a contest between the two locations. If one location is busier than the other, then make it quota based. Set goals for what you want to sell at that location and choose a winner based on which team is closest to hitting their goal (or the highest over!). This keeps sales engaged and working together to make their kiosk or store the best.

Report it and keep it relevant

Pull reports hourly and let employees know how they are doing against each other. It’s best to reward teams daily or weekly with smaller incentives that frequently change. Long term competitions tend to lose steam over time, and once someone gets behind they may give up.

Experience-based beats cash

What do you remember more, that paycheck that had an extra $100 or that really unique dinner you had? People tend to remember and appreciate fun experiences much more than bonuses. Your standard salary and commission structure should take care of your staff financially. Use the competition to add some fun and show employees thanks for their great work. Take them to dinner, go bowling, give event tickets, sign them up for a class or workshop that relates to a hobby of theirs, or plan an activity that can involve their family as well.  Personalizing the reward can let your team know that you really care about their interests, and will help them make positive memories about their job!

Make it fun! Sales people like to compete.  With Nova Point-of-Sale, competition tracking comes built in with fun employee scorecards so everyone can see how they rank.  Use our mobile app to manage your team remotely and send encouragement via text or chat whenever they need a boost!

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