Stand Out with Engaging Holiday Specials

Posted by Haley Whisennand on Oct 11, 2018 6:14:10 AM

Deals are everywhere, especially during the holiday season. Every business is doing whatever they can to attract as many shoppers as possible. Part of preparing for the influx of people that will be visiting the mall in the next few months is deciding what sales or offers you’ll be offering and how you’re going to let potential customers know about them.

There will be so many run-of-the-mill sales, though. 15{8fb8c48a02164a16117bcb940b9c9fa2c848100eb43eead05a43159ee45e4cda} off shirts. Up to 30{8fb8c48a02164a16117bcb940b9c9fa2c848100eb43eead05a43159ee45e4cda} off clearance. Buy one get one half off. Sales like those are everywhere. Getting your specials to stand out among all the others can be difficult. The best way is to get creative with your offers, making them interactive or engagement-related.

Social Media Engagement

Looking to boost your business’ social media presence? Offer your customers an unbeatable deal on certain items (or on everything) for posting a selfie and tagging your page or account. You can also create special event hashtags like #AVeryYourBusinessChristmas or #SayingThanksAtYourBusiness and have customers post using the hashtag to qualify for the deal. Then, all they need to do is show your staff their post at checkout to redeem their discount.

Don’t want to do this with a sale? Customers love the idea of earning a small freebie with their purchase, and a social media post is an easy price to pay. Offer branded goodies or inexpensive extras for any customer who participates and shows their post at checkout.

Countdown Deals

Offering the same sale day after day can get customers losing interest quick. Mix it up by changing up the deal amount every day. Whether you start big and decrease your sales the closer you get to the end of the year, or make it all completely random, customers will feel a sense of urgency knowing the sale will only be the same that day.

Turn Deals Into a Game

Gamification is a huge trend in the business world. Getting customers to feel like they’re playing a fun and rewarding game when shopping with you is a great way to get them coming back for more. You could let customers pick a chance card whenever they spend a certain amount that could either be a coupon, a free item, or a bust.

Another option is to set up a collectable-type game, where customers can draw a card or earn a random stamp whenever they spend a certain amount. Once they’ve collected three or four of the same type of color or stamp, they can earn a discount or a free product.

Hook Them with Giveaways

A classic that’s still surprisingly effective is the giveaway tactic. Pick an impressive prize like an iPad or a pair of expensive headphones to offer, then let customers know that they get one entry for every certain amount spent. To make it even more lucrative for your business, make it a requirement that they need to sign up for your loyalty program in order to be entered. That way you will be collecting customer information for your database, all while boosting your sales.

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