The Perks of Investing in a Retail Kiosk

Posted by Lydia Pine on Apr 12, 2019 10:54:31 AM

Are you a budding entrepreneur prepared to begin your own retail business? Then, continue reading to discover why a kiosk is ideal for first time retail businesses. There are numerous advantages to investing in a kiosk cart and we are going to share with you are top favorites!

Kiosks Are Extremely Profitable
…especially compared to other retail options. They are great for the individual who has minimal funding because the start-up cost for kiosk owners are low compared to big box stores. Depending on your finances you can either own or rent a kiosk. Many malls provide rental kiosk carts. Which is a great option, if you are new to the kiosk business and are unsure of your level of commitment to this business endeavor.

Minimal Lease Terms and Location Restrictions
When owning a kiosk your license agreement with the mall is usually a shorter term than that of a big box store. Lease agreements can range from a month to a year. This is great for you if you decide after a month or so that the foot traffic is not enough for you. With your short-term lease, you need only finish it and find a new location with better traffic. Another wonderful perk of these short-term leases is selling seasonal items. Through your temporary location, selling seasonal items will be a breeze. You can time your lease contracts to fall around holidays. A recent article by states that “At the Mall of America, about 100 temporary tenants dazzle 40 million visitors a year.” Opportunity is waiting with that many potential customers!

Versatility of Merchandise
There are a lot of different items to choose from when deciding on what items to sell at your kiosk. With a kiosk, you have the option to change your product with the seasons or by trends. If the current product is not bringing in the revenue you had hoped for you can switch to a new product very easily.

Pre-existing Foot Traffic
By owning a kiosk located in the walkways of malls you have ready-made foot traffic. If you haven’t already noticed the mall is full of people shopping daily. You can benefit greatly from the free foot traffic that malls provide. Most people are headed to the mall daily for specific buys, a well-placed kiosk can capitalize on their impulse buys due to its visibility and convenience.

Ease of Management
Management of a small retail kiosk cart is also a big perk. You can streamline your management with POS software designed specifically for kiosk retailers. There are many POS systems out there, but kiosk retailers need technology that is both efficient and affordable. With Nova Point-of-Sale, you can manage pricing and negotiations, commissions, and receive alerts on the go. Click here to learn more about the features of Nova Point-of-Sale.

These are just a few of the many perks that come with investing in a mall kiosk. So, if you are someone who has loads of business ideas and are considering how to tackle your first venture, a mall kiosk retail business might be the way to go. You can test out some of your great ideas and benefit from all the perks of this retail investment. Best of luck on your retail business endeavors!

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