Using Popular Events to Attract Repeat Business

Posted by Yaron Bahar on Jul 3, 2018 6:32:25 PM

Customer retention is something that every business owner strives to improve. From sales to special deals, finding a way to catch a customer’s attention and bring them back to your store is one of the most important and ever-changing things a business needs to consider. Constantly changing up your retention methods is the best way to keep customers feeling like they’re experiencing something new and exciting. After all, no one feels excited about 10% off select products the fourth time around.

Using popular events as a focus for your specials can help boost engagement and make offers feel fresh. The type of event and how well-known it is will impact the campaign’s effectiveness, so make sure to think about your messaging and which customers you’re hoping to attract.

International Events

If you’re in an area where international events like the World Cup or the Olympics are all anyone can talk about, then you have the ideal audience for special offers and deals centered around those events.

Did your country make it into the World Cup? Try a special event where the discounts you offer increase every time your team makes it to the next stage. Lots of promising athletes competing for your country in the Olympics? Offer an unbeatable one-day deal every time one of your athletes gets onto the podium. Centering your deals around what happens instead of just offering a regular deal that doesn’t depend on anything keeps your customers engaged and lets you benefit from the event’s hype.

National Events

Every country has big events. In the United States, major league championships like the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup are perfect examples of national events that are great to center special offers around. European countries can offer discounts if their country qualifies for Eurovision, as well as tease a super special deal if their country’s act wins.

Local Events

Even if you aren’t in an area where large national or international events are popular, using local happenings as a base for offers can be a great way to engage the community. Celebrate the local high school baseball team making it to the state championships by offering $10 off for every run they score, or congratulate the state university for winning a prestigious award with 15% off for all students who show a valid school ID.

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