Push Notifications

the ultimate alerts you need to skyrocket your business

Now you can boost your business, improve productivity, encourage employees and stay updated with everything that's happening in your business, at all locations. No more shooting in the dark! You have the power to control your business – effortlessly!


Store Open/Close Alerts: Keep track of your employees - day in, day out! Receive a text notification as soon as your first employee checks in and the last one checks out.

Sales Notifications: You’ve made a sale! A text notification will be sent as soon as each of your employees knock-off the sales.

High Sale: It's always great to know when you exceed that threshold number! You will receive a text notification when your employees cross that sales-mark.

Motivator Accelerator: Motivation is what drives them! Send your employees an encouraging message when they make a big sale.

Late Employees: Employees spending more time on a break? Send a notification in real time and remind them of your rules and regulations. Punctuality is the key!

Daily Reports: Stay updated with "End of Day Report" to ensure everything is on the right track. Proven and quick way to enhance your productivity!

Refund Alerts: A text notification will sent to you every time a refund is given in a particular location.

Customer's Information: Get a text notification in case a user completes the sale without collecting customer's information.

Tester/ Loss Reported: Need information about losses or testers? Now you can stay updated every time a loss is reported.

Out of Stock: Stop losing your customers! Receive text message as soon as your inventory falls below the threshold.

Inventory Count: Need accurate information about your inventory? Receive text notification every time the inventory count status is submitted.

Cash Count: Never lose track of your money. You will be notified every time a cash count is submitted at a particular location.

Clock-In Notifications: Are your employees on time? Their presence makes a great impact on productivity. Receive an alert the first time each employee clocks in.

Daily Sales Goals: Target achieved! Receive a notification when a specific dollar value is reached in gross sales at your location.


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