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SMS Promoter*

Smart Text Marketing for Retail

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* SMS Promoter is not available in the US

It’s Time to Do SMS Marketing!


Reminder Notificationauto.png

Make your customers come
back to you for more


Satisfaction Survey

Learn from your customers
what you can do better


Birthday Giftauto.png

Greet your customers with
a special offer


Thank You for Buyingauto.png

Show your customers
your appreciation


Above X Amount of Purchaseauto.png

Give rewards to your
loyal customers


Welcome to VIP Clubauto.png

Congratulate your most loyal
customers when they reach
X amount of purchases

And a whole range of other options, fully custom to your needs.

Why SMS?

sms marketing

Now a days, people and mailboxes tend to ignore newsletters as spam. E-mails that still make it to our inbox, have an average open rate of 20% (tops), whereas the average open rate of an SMS is 98%.


No implementation needed, SMS Promoter is already
integrated with your Nova POS system.

Start texting your customers wisely.